New created WordPress website login problem

I have installed a new WordPress on my cyber panel but I can’t log in to my site even though I have entered the right password and right username. And also I am not getting reset password email when I click on forgot password. Help me, please.

Hello @Kevin-mad-guy

You used wordpress manager or you uploaded it manually ?

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I used the manage website section
I have tried resetting the password like two times then after I reset the password the and I use the new password to login then when I log out if I want to use the same password to login again it will start showing the password is not correct so that is it so but I’m don’t worry yourself I want to destroy d cyberpanel everything and I want to restart my VPN server immediately so tomorrow I will install it again

I pray my data will not lost

Setup backups or download a copy of the website from phpmyadmin and file manager