Need support for redirect login page in prestashop admin

Hi Team,
I am paid member in cyber panel and inside cyber panel found very difficulty.

I have installed prestashop for digital product, and website is running everything.
Issues is that Preastashop admin is not could not login and again and again redirect login page URL. IKARUS Antivirus (PrestaShop™)

I need proper support here to access that.

Thanks & Regards
Ratan K

If you are paid cyberpanel user then you can raise support ticket at cyberpanel cloud and it will be addressed by the team effectively.

The issue you mentioned here seems strongly due to the wrong vhost/htaccess/rewrite configuration codes.

Please raise support ticket as mentioned and the support team will help you out as you have paid for the support.

You can also send me the login details here in private message to your cyberpanel setup and I will have a look and guide you in fixing it if you need.

Share me your email and go through on right way. i will give you details in private message.
and their is must to resolve this issues.
Kindly share your email id to get support.


I am not the official support guy here. You can get official direct support from the team at Cyberpanel Support. Raise a ticket there and your issue will be taken care of by the team.

If you need help from me in any case for whatsoever reason, you can send me the login details and I will check and let you know your issue in fixing it.

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