Need Suggestion from Experienced VPS users about Full VPS backup

I am a new user of Linux VPS, I am worried about the backup and restoration of my system.

What VPS backup option do you use?

and what I should use as a backup option as a new user, without cost/Very low cost?

how to simply backup full system and restore full system?

full backup
that simple
free but consume your disk space
you can use cloud to GDRIVE too, but u will need to removed by your self if your gdrive almost full

i dont recommended incredential backup

just use the feature

But question is How take full backup??

I have 3 websites and 10 subfolders and 40 subdomains and 3 mail

How to backup all? does Cyberpanel backup subdoamins?

good question
in fact, i still confused how website/domain works lol
why @usmannasir or @shoaibkk not just use Domain and Add-on domain

then, why cyberpanel afaik not have subdomain menu even we can use add domain either.
website / domain
domain / addon domain / subdomain

i still confused about that years ago (thats why i stop use cyberpanel) and return to cyberpanel when it came with 210 version.

use the provider backup option that is the best for the vps