Nameserver for multiple business websites - help please?

We are currently using CyberPanel to host multiple business websites.

Regarding the Hostname, we would ideally like to have each hosted website quantify it’s own Nameserver via A records:

A record1 on 111.222.333.444
A record 2 on 111.222.333.444
A record 3 on 111.222.333.444

As we have only one webserver, we can only have one hostname - how best to handle this in CyberPanel specifically?

Thank you.

Hello dear, Can you please clear some points for me?
like you want to use each domain’s own nameservers you can do it from the records and add nameservers as you mentioned.
do you also want to use different hostname for all?

So sorry, my question was wrong and didn’t make sense…

The question is meant to say:

“Regarding the Hostname, we would ideally like to have each hosted website quantify it’s own Hostname via A records”

In other words, rather than have a hostname, how can we make it relevant for ALL domains hosted, not just one of them?

Thank you.

tbh, I still don’t get your question ?

If I call the server (via hostname) “” it means business 2 and business 3 etc. have to show business 1 in their DNS records, which I’d rather avoid.

The 2 work arounds as I see it is to use the IP address rather than the hostname, or choose a generic Hostname not business1 related. I wondered if there was a third option which meant all businesses could have their own hostname?

Thank you.

You can register glue records for each domain and then use the name servers accordingly.

Thank you, Googling ‘Glue Records’ now…

I’m still stuggling with this, sorry. Could you give me some more information on best best to achieve this please?

I would recommend getting support from here:

Because I have a feel that you can mess up your records and you will end up spending way more time.

Thank you.

I’m confident with record creating but happy to raise a ticket there if you prefer…