I installed Cyberpanel its a great software but we have application developed in php which uses mysql 5.7 and its working perfect on cpanel. we are trying it on cyberpanel but on mariadb there are some syntax error in Datetime. is it possible to install cyberpanel with mysql 5.7 instead of mariadb?

why not just install mysql on a different port and connect to that for that specific app?

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if we install mysql on diffrent port can we use phpmyadnin from cyberpanel to manage that db

Yes, but you will have to add the new mysql instance to phpmyadmin’s config because it can’t magically guess you added a new instance and it’ll probably have a different password and all that.

Or maybe if you are asking this question, just install phpmyadmin just for that new db…

Or, I don’t know, try it, just install mysql 5.7 before installing cyberpanel and use the remote mysql connection ( it can be on the same server )

I installed mysql 5.7 before installing cyberpanel and selected remote mysql connection but still it uninstall mysql and install mariadb

So? I fail to see how this prevent you from removing it and putting your mysql in? Everyone knows that server can’t magically connect to a remote db, they need libraries and tools, they still install that to connect to remote server.

I’m just being honest with you, I gave you 2 others options that suit your skill level, I suggest you take them. The phpmyadmin inside of cyberpanel is nothing fantastic, you can install phpmyadmin for that specific app with no issue.