MySQL Security & php.ini


Firstly want to say thank you for your panel i’ve been using it for a short while and find it amazing. only thing i’ve found is that during the installation there is no configuration of the MySQL security such as root password, and phpmyadmin blowfish_secret.

It might also be easier to set it so the php.ini editing for the master php.ini can be set for from php section of the panel to make it so the likes of phpmyadmin max upload can be set easily and also for those who don’t have experience in editing and configuring panels or even experience in server configuration.

Just a thought, i’m sure more will come in time as i play more with the panel on my dev bed

Hello Dynamite!

Thank you for the feedback.

During installation, mysql root password is set.

Regarding PHP, I am not sure if you have seen Server > PHP > Edit PHP Configs, there you can either do basic editing for each php versions or do advance configurations.

And if you want to increase upload size for PHPMYAdmin you can increase upload size for php70, and than run

systemctl restart lscpd

This will increase the upload size for PHPMYAdmin.

Let us know if you have any further questions.


I tried editing all of the configs and restarting the Litespeed however it made no effect i had to edit the admin/misc/php.ini and admin/conf/php.ini then had to reboot the server for the changes to take effect.

Was just a thought :smile:


This one is for web admin console, actually, I do not understand the question.

I wanted to change the max_upload for phpmyadmin, i had to edit both those files i mentioned in the previous post and reboot the server for the change to take effect.

PHYMYAdmin is served via LSCPD. Change upload size for php70 and restart lscpd on command line via

systemctl restart lscpd