MySQL root password


Is the MySQL root password saved somewhere during installation or should I just reset it the usual way by starting MySQL without loading the grant tables or enabling networking?

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cat /etc/cyberpanel/mysqlPassword


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Awesome, thanks!

This worked great for locating the root password, but how would I verify what the username is? I thought the default was - admin - but I am unable to login to PhpMyAdmin using admin and the root password.

When I enter the following command after logging into MySQL via SSH …

SELECT User FROM mysql.user;

I get the user table, but see there are four entries for root, why would there be four users name root?

For me result is

MariaDB [(none)]> SELECT User FROM mysql.user;
| User       |
| cyberpanel |
| pdns       |
| root       |

On plain install.

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I have changed mysql password, however, after changing I can’t create a new database. Is there any way to thoroughly overcome this problem?

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