MySQL 8 for CyberPanel

CyberPanel uses MariaDB by default. But we are using the most advanced version of MYSQL 8. MariaDB cannot meet most needs. So I want to use MYSQL 8. I would like you to help me on how to install and add a new update and this MariaDB and MYSQL 8 selection feature. Because sometimes, MySQL 8 is a must.

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How can I install MYSQL 8 without any problem? i need help with this. In my own trials, the database and server crashed.

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Same problem here.
Anybody succeeded?

did you tried to update cyberpanel?

Not yet. Should I?

I think you misread the topic - this is for moving from MariaDB 10.x to mysql 8.

I see this old tutorial, but the author later advised people not to do it. [Tutorial]How to remove MariaDB and replace with MySQL on CyberPanel - Docs / Unfiled - CyberPanel Community

Seems like something that’s not particularly possible?