My wordpress homepage does not load and download a file

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I have WordPress on Ubuntu 22.04 and below is the Cyberpanel version

Current Version:




Current Commit:


Latest Version:


Latest Build:


Latest Commit:


I was using Plesk panel and my WordPress Website was working fine then I decided to switch to Cyberpanel so I used All in one wp migration plugin to backup my website and then migrate it to the new Cyberpanel installation, the problem is when I try to visit my website home page it does not load and instead of that it downloads a file with a random name. I looked online for solutions and started to deactivate my plugins one by one to find the problem, especially WP Rocket but still could not figure it out, any suggestions? Thanks.

Deactivate rocket and install wp-rocket-helpers/ at master · wp-media/wp-rocket-helpers · GitHub then activate the rocket.

Thanks for your reply, could you please tell me how to install the fix file form Github? Should I upload the given zip file as a plugin to my WordPress installation? Thanks.

Yes, install plugin zip file.

Thank you so much.

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