My website appears to some people and to others 404

website working with me fine but when i cheeked not working 404

Make sure you have opened the port 80 for all and not restricted to your own IP address. Which hosting are you using?

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DO you have any firewall restirctions ?

just pause your cloudflare and clear / flush dns cache
then re try…

btw… did you already put the website/domain at your server yet ?

and… tell us
what version is your cyberpanel ?

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iam using vultr

i used cloudflear but i dont have any firewall

Current Version : 2.3 cyberpanel
btw i have another issue i can not extract any compressed file so i upload all file wordpress by ftp ( filezilla

Seems you are using older cyberpanel. Please update cyberpanel and try because this extraction of compressed file issue has already been fixed few days back.

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update please

I did an update, but the version is still there

ok thanks Solve the problem of extracting the file

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