My Dashboard Is Loading So Slowly. How Can I Solve This?

Hello guys, i just started trying Cyberpanel today and i have installed it on my DigitalOcean server (via the marketplace droplet) but the problem im having now is that the Cyberpanel dashboard is loading so slowly.

What I have done so far:
Updated CyberPanel to the latest version
Updated Ubuntu 20.04 to the latest packages

My dashboard is still takes up to (or more than) 1 minute or more to load up a page. Any way to fix this?

Hi, are you still seeing this issue? It’s been taking a couple of minutes for me too, so I had a quick inspect of the page.

It looks like Cyberpanel is trying to load fontawesome from and it’s timing out for 30 seconds, which holds everything else up.

As a workaround i put the following in my hosts file on my local machine (/etc/hosts on Ubuntu, might be different on your OS):

This times out in 0ms and so the page loads much more quickly.