My bought Sectigo SSL certificate magically replaced with Let's Encrypt one!

I have a blog which is hosted by hosting company called Netdynamics24. They offered me several web panels, and on recommendation from a friend of mine who also uses the same hosting, I decided to go with Cyberpanel.

There were some problems with SSL certificates when I migrated my sites to the new hosting. On one domain the SSL for email always complains that it’s a self-signed SSL cert, which I now understand is a common issue.

However, something truly extraordinary happened today. As I was checking my main blog’s email, I got a warning on my phone email client (Aqua email) that its SSL certificate is invalid. “Chain validation failed” the phone email client said. I get a similar error message on Sylpheed email client on my laptop.

Then I checked what SSL certificate is installed for the web, and I was shocked to see that instead of the bought Sectigo SSL which my hosting installed in October last year, and which should last till October this year, was replaced by a Let’s Encrypt certificate, which was apparently issued on December 20th 2021!

This new Lets Encrypt certifcate apparently now works both for Web and for email, and since it expired, I started getting error messages in my email clients.

My hosting tech support claims that they didn’t make this change, and they suspect it’s some sort of bug in Cyberpanel.

Is this possible at all? And if it is, why would Cyberpanel suddenly decide that my paid Sectigo certificate was not good anymore and replace it with (apparently self-generated) Let’s Encrypt certificate? And all that without even notifying me about this change?

Go to cyberpanel manage that website find add SSL option and check is certificate installed there.
If not then paste your certificate and key on there from your certificate provider. If after that cyberpanel keeps over writing it maybe make bug report to get it fixed.

Please check this How to setup Custom SSL with CyberPanel!