Multiple mail domain for mail server on one same server


I own multiple website, each website need email account, so we create them.

We set first for the first website. Work well, we set the ptr to too.

For the next websites, we did the same, we set and, the ptr is only the thing we can’t change because it allow only one domain, so we keep it to

The problem is that when we send email from domain2 & domain3 with their respective and smtp and imap settings we are identified has spam on gmail.

So we set domain2 & domain3 with for both, then we are no more identified has spam by gmail.

How can you explain that, how can we do ?

It is really necessary to create and when mail server was already set first to ?

I hope to have an answer… ? This poor man don’t have one : Setting up multiple mail servers? - #2 by subzero

No answer, no solution

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