Move a panel onto a domain


I want CyberPanel to work directly on a domain

For example ;

Go to and the CyberPanel login screen will appear directly and users will be logged in from this area

How do I take the necessary action?


I was to start a new thread but found this one so I’m asking here.

I’ve been asked to organize a whole server for a company (not a single website at it) like this: → A landing page of a server → Cyberpanel login instead of :8090 → phpMyAdmin instead of :8090/phpmyadmin

I’ve already have IP of a server replaced with and secured with SSL, So right now I have working.

How can I do the rest? I’ve read about hiding port 8090 from URL above but couldn’t make it working. The instruction is unclear to me. But even if I’d succeed with this how can I set the addresses above? Redirections? Aliases? Litespeed Context? Reverse Proxy?

I’ve read many sites and forums and didn’t find the way through such a concept. I’m also lack of necessary knowledge here so I’m stuck.

Any help will be VERY appreciated.



OK, I’ve removed a port from URL successfully thanks to this comment:

The last thing to do:
how to move cyberpanel login page to i.e.
And save the main domain name for a landing page in the same time?