Mod Security & SSL Autorenew

Today one of my website’s SSL got expired (I installed it manually). So I tried to issue SSL via Cyberpanel and I was getting connection error. I have tried many times and every time I got the error. So I have tried upgrading the Cyberpanel and still I was getting the error. So I checked and I came to know about the mod_security and after disabling it worked.

Now, the question is that whether this mod_security will cause any issue with the auto renewal of the SSL. As I read from many pages, Cyberpanel does support auto renewal upon installing directly from its dashboard. Do I need to do anything for the renewal to work without any issue?

PS: Even though with the mod_security I got the error, my Zerossl dashboard is flooded with certificates created every time.

Thank you.

Can you please share cyberpanel main logs and also error logs