Mod Security Causing ADMIN-AJAX.PHP 403 Errors

Hi, I started getting 403 errors from admin-ajax.php, and I traced it down to Mod Security. When I disable mod security, the error goes away.

I installed the OWASP rules pack.

Are the any specific rules I need to use to prevent this?


I just noticed that Cyberpanel doesn’t include the OWASP WordPress rules that were added in v3.0 as found here:

Is there a reason these rules weren’t added? Can I add them manually, or willl you add them in an update?


Thank you. If I want to add the WordPress rules I linked to above, where should I put the file?

Thanks I’ll try it

@harvey any progress with modsecurity and 403

@opencode Nothing yet, still looking into it. I’ll update here if I make any progress

@harvey any update?

@inside83 I tried playing around with it for a while, even enabling the WordPress rules pack, but I was never able to get it to work correctly. Also, I wasn’t really able to understand the logs to see which rules were triggered so I can disable them. For now I turned off ModSec.


Go to: Cyber Panel → Security → ModSecurity Rules

Then paste this rules:

<locationmatch "/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php">
    SecRuleRemoveById 300013
    SecRuleRemoveById 300015
    SecRuleRemoveById 300016
    SecRuleRemoveById 300017
    SecRuleRemoveById 949110
    SecRuleRemoveById 980130

Save! That’s all.

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