Missing the bit in the middle

Hi Guys,

Wondering if someone can help or point me in the right direction as feeling a little lost.

I have recently installed Cyberpanel and I have a couple of WP sites hosted (DNS sync via CF). picking up little bits of insight here and there.

However, It feels like I have run before I have even walked. I have issues with SSL not working, Unsure as to how to change cyberpanel IP to a subdomain, just found out about a ‘secret’ webadmin panel for LS (but don’t know how to access it, plus lots more such as security…that I have not done/skipped mainly through lack of knowledge or unawares.

Does anyone have a good write up or video tutorial about setting the foundation of CyberPanel in place once you have it installed it?

I mean such as

  1. make sure all ports are accessible
  2. Harden security
  3. Setup CyberPanel on its domain and through SSL
  4. Email accessibility set up
    etc. etc.

Only then would you feel comfortable that the foundation is solid that you are then happy to add a new website / WordPress install?

Many thanks