"Missing <handler>" in vhost conf reverse proxy context


I use cyberpanel web interface and I need to reverse proxy so all requests to https://my-url.com redirects to https://my-url.com:8081. I can’t find anywhere online how do do this in the cyberpanel interface with openlitespeed, so I asked chatgpt and he told me to add this to vhost conf:

context / {
type proxy
location /
rewrite 0
cacheable 0
addDefaultCharset off

address { 8081

But now in the error log for litespeed I get the error [ERROR] [22628] [config:server:vhosts:vhost:cellcaresweden.net:context:/] missing .

And when I ask chatgpt about this he says a handler shouldn’t be needed in openlitespeed when specifying “type proxy”.

I understand chatgpt might not be the best source but again I’m unable to find resources for setting up a simple reverse proxy like this with cyberpanel.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks.

same here, chatgpt is good only for general instruction i feel, rest for more in depth it just give generic overview, did you get any way out yet?

hey, any update on this? :slight_smile: