Minimal Install - Not So Minimal

I just did a fresh install of CyberPanel with LSWS, selected the minimal install and said no to everything after. As you can see, against the notes in 1.8.5 (im on 1.8.7) the Postfix is still in the menu, as are the other services I did not install like PureDNS and FTP. I can simply go to these, and switch them to ON leading me to believe that they have all been INSTALLED but are not ENABLED.

Additionally, dispite trying 2 different ways to avoid installing these modules they still get installed. The DNS module is also ENABLED regardless of my selection on the install as well.

Can I get some clarification on why these are being installed even if I say not to at the beginning of CP installation?

Will try to reproduce.

Will try to reproduce.

Thanks. About to set up my production server. Waiting on this.


I think it’s just some remanent in interface, even you enabled them , it doesn’t start up these service.

for example I enabled FTP, but when I check with netstat command , there is nothing on 21 port.

That is correct. To expand on this though if you do a minimal install, you get this error when trying to create a website, regardless if the dkim checkbox is checked:

“Error message: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/etc/opendkim/keys/’ [404]”


yes , confirmed , pass to dev for further debug.

thanks for the feedback

Any update on this? Thanks!

Salam n Hola…

This is still a bug in 1.8.7 - I just installed CyberPanel minimal yesterday.

Had to do a yum install opendkim to work around the problem. Otherwise, can’t create the website.

InsyaAllah n Thank You

Bumping this up as this is all I am waiting for to start using this for production. Thanks.


Yes, fix is in progress :slight_smile: thanks.

Any update?

Has this been fixed with 1.8.8?