Migrated WP site broken pages

Hi all,

Just migrated my first WP site in CyberPanel !

I had to do manual migration since my previous hosting provider was managed WP hosting, without cPanel access.

The issue I am facing now is all pages are returning CyberPanel’s 404 page. The home page and the /wp-admin routes work fine though.

I am assuming I need to do some kind of vHost configuration, however I could not find a resource. Another potential cause is the SSL certificate. I issued one from CyberPanel, however the site already had an SSL certificate issued from a plug-in. When logging in I got an SSL certificate mismatch issue, despite the fact that certificate and FQDN were matching.

Any clues ?

Open permalink page and hit save button.

Hi @luckyrajpurohit

Thank you for your reply.

Clicking save button in permalink did not resolve the issue. I am confident it’s an .htaccess/vHost/SSL issue.

The website is using a Let’s Encrypt SSL issued from a plugin, however I have also issued an SSL from cyber panel. Could that be the issue ? And if so, what would the best practice be for SSL ? Keeping it in cyber panel or WordPress ?

SSL issue is different than 404, try renaming the htaccess and clear cache. I never heard about WordPress plugin for the SSL renew/issue. Because wp run as normal user but SSL need root lavel access for reload webserver and SSL files.

Hi @luckyrajpurohit

Thank you for helping me with this issue.

Re-creating the .htaccess file did the job !

I also deleted the Let’s Encrypt SSL plugin that was issuing the certificate for the website and changed the website name from www.mydomain.com to mydomain.com, because the SSL issue was caused by using www as the main canonical name for the website.

Seems like everything is up and running now, thank you !

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