Migrate to Oracle MYSQL

I’m trying to migrate from MariaDB to MySQL 8, because I need some special features of MySQL which are not compatible with mariadb (some Json funcions and Geographic functions).
I’m using ubuntu 20.04

I’m getting mad with this.


I’ve tried the basic:

apt remove mariadb-server mariadb-client

added the repository of MySQL

and then

apt install mysql-server mysql-client

After this I get ERROR 500 in cyberpanel.
Tried to update cyberpanel to see if it fixed, but not luck.
Can anyone help?


Now CyberPanel will not work. the reasons are:

  1. No root user there
  2. no cyberpanel database there
  3. no configurations files there.

it is recommended to not uninstall MariaDB as this is very tough to configure MySQL with cyberpanel menualy