Migrate CyberPanel

Hello, has anyone here tried or know a way to migrate from cyberpanel from one VPS to another?

PS: from one VPS on a hosting provider to a different one.

Wanted a way to do this without any loss, fully migrate the panel + current sites and settings. :slight_smile:

Does anyone know about this?

I’ve tried some options I’ve read in Linux communities, but none have succeeded 100%. There’s always a problem or an error.

Suddenly my mistake is to try via Linux, is there any option in the cyberpanel that allows you to migrate everything in a more assertive way?

I saw that there are backups, but this does not recover on another VPS with another cp installation.

cyberpanel allow remote migration for website from server to server but not the full server migration

But, do not have a way to migrate also the settings already made in the cyberpanel? At the bd level for example?

I haven’t found it yet, but I’ll see if I can.

Another example:

if I take the backup file from a website, which was done on a cyberpanel of a vps, and insert into another installation in a different vps, will it properly restore the entire website and its settings?