Migrate CPanel backup from Hostgator to new VPS solution (Vultr)

Hello all,

I’m an IT dude for 20+ years, I have slight linux experience, my host is running ubuntu 20.04. I am attempting to migrate my websites (4-5) from Hostgator to CPanel since I have my dedicated VPS to host them and I figured the response times would be better than my shared hosting plan with Hostgator. I have installed and setup CyberPanel and I’ve made a complete backup of my hostgator websites. I am now attempting to import the tar.gz file to Cyberpanel via command line and having some issues. If someone has done this and can give any tips I’d greatly appreciate it. As far as the domain names they I guess will still be registered with hostgator until I am up for renewal and then I’ll move them where ever else. Is it possible to host those .com’s on my own VPS? If so, any tips?

When I attempt to import I get the following:

[Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/home/billscott92787/Websites/backup-9.1.2021_11-22-28_billscott.tar.gz’

It doesn’t matter if I attempt with python, python2, or python3. I assume I’m missing something in the “path” but I can’t figure out what it is because I can cd to /home/billscott9278/Websites fine from the command line?


You need backup from cPanel and follow Auto import cPanel sites to CyberPanel - 04 - Websites - CyberPanel Community to do this