Maximum Time to Stay Logged-in on CyberPanel - Advice

What is the maximum time an admin should stay logged-in per session on CyberPanel ??! Do you think 3 hours’ too much ??! My device could be open mistakenly leading to threats i might not get to notice in time … Wondering if anyone could tell me what is best … Though i normally log out immediately i do anything on CyberPanel but i can not worry less …

Can you please give your suggestions what you thing what would be the time and all?

There is no specific need to be logged in to cyberpanel to check and monitor your sites often. You can try services from to alert you whenever your websites are down.

Secondly, if using wordpress then change the default login path (which is wp-admin/wp-login) to something customized.

Make use of plugin Sucuri which will alert you if someone tries to login to your site along with their ip address. Also it will alert you if any files in wordpress is modified or new files are added by any method. It will alert you for most of the things happening in wordpress via mail. So you can always monitor your site if anything happens beyond your knowledge.

For me, the best of the free ones is hetrix. You can install an agent for free that will monitor other server parameters

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Best Suggestions I Personally Believe …

  1. Use a single browser.

  2. Never spend more than an hour per session.

  3. Always clear browser cache.

  4. Turn on 2F Authentication.

  5. Log out ! Log out !!

But they never seem to be satisfying enough …

Based on new security terms … SECURITY: Admin -Defined Time to Stay Logged-IN Per Session