MariaDB version 10.4 or higher

Setting up a new server and installing CyberPanel Ent from this guide and setting up a WordPress site I am presented with this message. I am confused, is this install script not updated or something? MariaDB 10.4 was released in 2019! How is this install script still installing an older version of MariaDB? Is this project dead or something?

This is fixed in the upcoming version due to release soon.

Do you have an ETA on that release? Also, will there be an updated upgrade script so we can get the older servers updated with the newer SQL version?

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We were waiting for design finish, but i’ve deciced to make an early release to cater for these small bugs.

Next monday we will make a release of v2.3.5.

Sounds good. Thank you. Hopefully, the updated upgrade script is also coming soon too.