Manually add context /.well-known/acme-challenge to all sites?

I was having ssl issues and after following your SSL troubleshooting guide at How to fix SSL issues in CyberPanel - Docs - CyberPanel Community I see none of my sites have context /.well-known/acme-challenge under vhost config

full code:

context /.well-known/acme-challenge {
  location                /usr/local/lsws/Example/html/.well-known/acme-challenge
  allowBrowse             1

  rewrite  {

  addDefaultCharset       off

  phpIniOverride  {


Should I manually add that to vhost config of every site hosted?

If that’s the case, an automated tool would be great.

Yes you need to add manually.
Cyberpanel team changed it on the installer but i think they never updated the upgrade script regarding that.

For the old sites if it is not getting after update you have to add that in you host manually

sh <(curl || wget -O -

There. If it can’t find “/usr/local/lsws/Example/html/.well-known/acme-challenge” on the vhost config, it will write all the required context.

It will fix ALL vhosts.



Mines is empty, is that a normal output?

There’s no output. It just adds the context if it is missing.

Awesome! Thanks!

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