Manual backups broken after first scheduled backup


I wanted to create fresh start of incremental backup because its size had started growing cumulatively due to regular WP backups… What I did:

  1. Disabled and removed WP backups.
  2. Removed incbackup and .cache/restic folders from /home/domainname/ directory.
  3. Removed meta.xml, .sql and password file from the same directory.
  4. Cleaned all IncBackups_ tables from cyberpanel database.

After these steps I was able to create Incremental backups manually and setup new scheduled job. Unfortunately manual backups work only till first scheduled backups. No idea why but CP creates 2 backups for 1 scheduled job: Screenshot by Lightshot. As you can see backup IDs didn’t start from 1 after removing them from database.

CP main log file says:

[09.12.2022_06-26-31] 'tempPath' [backupStatus]
[09.12.2022_06-26-42] 'NoneType' object is not iterable. [158:prepMeta]
[09.12.2022_06-26-42] Domains matching query does not exist.. [179:prepMeta]

It’s on latest CP 2.3.2 commit.
I did the same steps on the other server with CP 2.1.2 installed and have no problems so far.

I would be grateful if anyone can help me.