MailWatch / MailScanner GeoLite2 Activation


Hope everyone one is well,

I am trying to add GeoLite2 to MailWatch, i have the licence key but the instructions i have found tell me to add the licence to the conf.php file, but i cannot find this file anywhere, can someone please point me in the right direction. or give me some instructions on how to get this working.

Mailwatch and Mailscanner are working correctly no issues with emails so far.
all items install from cyberpanel GUI.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Is Anyone able to assist with this,

thank you

Hi, I don’t know if you are still interested.
I’ll answer you anyway, though.
The license key should be entered here:


at line 55 (for me) (decomment the line!):

define('MAXMIND_LICENSE_KEY', 'mylicensekey');

After that you have to change the permissions to the folder, Setting them to 777:


Then from the MailScanner interface - > Tools & Links → Update GeoIP Database.

Then reset the permissions of the folder from before to 755.



Thank you, I did find It lol but I didn’t know about the permissions everything has been working so I assum they are ok.

You don’t happen to know how you add spamhause to the mix do you

Ah okay great!
I included the permissions process because when I tried to update the GeoIP database it told me it didn’t have write permissions in that folder, if it didn’t give you any errors even better!

No I haven’t evaluated Spamhause yet. But is there an integration for MailScanner?

From what I have read there is a licence key you have to put some where and a API address. But no one has given instructions on how lol.

Thanks for your help

Thank you for sharing this but I still get you need a licence key after following the steps.

Yes clearly there is a need for a license key to be entered at line 55. Simply register on the MaxMind site to use the Database.