Mail subdomains removed from Subdomains list and folders missing from File Manager after update

Hello fellows,

on 2 droplets running centos 7.9, after latest update on:
Current Version: 2.3
Build: 5
Current Commit: 9cf05be18fa47880f4da70e6a6166e1e7e23a630
Latest Version:2.3
Latest Build: 5
Latest Commit: 9cf05be18fa47880f4da70e6a6166e1e7e23a630

the folder for the subdomain was removed from the File Manager.

I noticed the same thing on a droplet running Almalinux 8 with CP latest build.

After playing around and creating some new domains, I realized that the same thing happens for new email subdomains. The folder is not available, although they are created normally and are available through SSH.

We have more droplets on build 2.3 previous version 4

There the email subdomains folder are available normally in the File Manager. We would not prefer to lose availability over File Manager as we have custom installations on that subdomains and permissions would be mixed around when trying to update files and things from SSH with other users.

Anyone got any ideas/knowledge why this is happening? It seems like it’s intended for a reason, probably to don’t confuse new users (I don’t know what else), but it’s not very handy for already log-term users. Is there any way to allow mail domains to be seen in File Manager? (E.g. some filter check in the cyberpanel files, until a better solution/suggestion).

Thanks a lot, cheers!

To add to the previous behaviour, the mail subdomains are also completely removed from the Subdomains list.

Previously, each email subdomain had a subdomain entity under Websites->List Domains, whereas now they are completely removed.

Thanks a lot!

it is intentional, people get confused with them.

Hi @usmannasir, many thanks for the quick response and the explanation!

And of course thanks for the great work in building and maintaining Cyberpanel project.

Best wishes.

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