Mail server ssl cert renewal issue

Hi guys,

great product thank you for it. It’s my first post. I have renewed the letsencrpyt for the mail server but I am still getting issues in thunderbird complaining when i send mail that the cert is invalid (expired cert shows). I can receive mail without problems.

I took the last characters of the certificate that thunderbird says expired. I grepped the whole server trying to find the cert using those characters but cannot find it. The certs in the various diretories are valid and do not match what thunderbird has found. I also checked with an online tool and it says the same, my MAIL.DOMAIN.COM cert has expired. When I run the renewal tool on CP, it says completed succesfully.

Felling pretty stuck now! I’d appreciate help.



Can you please check the domain details at checktls and share with me here so i can check if ssl is issue or not.