Mail DNS Records

Hello, after creating new Email and pressing “Fix now” it creates me some new DNS records, do i have to add these to my domain ?

Also, is it normal that dovecot is not installed?

[ERROR] [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf’ [setup_postfix_dovecot_config], see /var/log/installLogs.txt for full details.
Unit dovecot.service could not be found.

OS: Ubuntu 22.04

The gets me confused is this record supposed to be here…

Welcome @gedqq Happy New Year

Start by showing us the results of systemctl status dovecot

You should also run an upgrade if status shows failure

If this is not resolved run:

$ apt list --installed | grep dovecot

You should see a list of all installed dovecot packages. If not do this

Run apt-get -y install dovecot-mysql dovecot-imapd dovecot-pop3d

Hello, the systemctl status dovecot command gives: Unit dovecot.service could not be found.
“apt list --installed | grep dovecot” shows literally nothing…
Everything works fine except mail, but maybe i should just do a clean install on older ubuntu 20.04 version as i dont really have anything to lose? I’ve heard 22.04 isnt recommended to use…
Taking a look at installLogs i saw a few errors…

what is the output of?

systemctl status dovecot

As i already mentioned, it says:
Unit dovecot.service could not be found.

After clean install on ubuntu 20.04 dovecot is still not installed…

Update: The problem was solved by installing “update-inetd” package before cyberpanel. Everything installed successfully.

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