Mail Child Domain

Hello Everyone!

Few versions ago CyberPanel has automatically started creating mail child domains for every new website. I’ve read why and understand it.

The thing is I don’t need and I don’t want this step at all during creating a new website. I don’t use any mail functions in CP and I’ve got Postfix switched off. With every new website I’m forced to removing all those mail child domains directories, vhosts, etc. It’s annoying and time wasting.

Is there any possibilty to switch this off? Make it optional? Comment out / remove / workaround somewhere in code? I’ll be very gratefull for any tip.

Best regards,


Dear CyberPanel Devs!

Thanks a lot!
In the new CP version (don’t know the build number)
which I’ve just installed on a new server
we’ve got an option now to create or not a mail domain
during creating a new website.
It’s exactly what I was dreaming of. :wink:

Kudos & cheers!