<lswsgi> process - high CPU usage


Is this how it should be?
In the console, I previously executed only one command:
systemctl restart lscpd

let me guess… you are using newest version ?

Latest CyberPanel.
CentOS 7.

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actually this is happen to me …too…
after upgrade to new version :frowning: just hoping developer will takecare of this ASAP

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Thanks for the explanation.

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im not explain anything :frowning:

For me, you explained that this is the situation with the engine now.
So I didn’t break anything :slight_smile:

But the situation is not critical terrible.
Because the CPU is used at 100% only when the admin is sitting on the panel home page.
If you exit the panel, the CPU stops loading.

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i hope this is not because what we did …
i dont have a backup :frowning:

My server started yesterday.
It has a clean version of CyberPanel installed on it :wink:

great … dont forget to take snapshot everytime you want to upgrade cyberpanel…
sometimes we have fix on this bug… but with that… old bug and/or new bug just revealed

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