Lsphp wordpress websites in the htop with 100% High CPU

Can someone advise ASAP about the High CPU, I have checked in the below website:

I’m not in attack but once trying to access Wordpress website the lsphp running immediately into 100% CPU.

Can someone advise with step by step fix or identification?

To identify use htop

apt install -y htop || yum install -y htop || dnf install -y htop

Reboot your server and open htop next to a browser with some of your wordpress websites open. Post a screenshot here

Delete all php sessions

# start here copy line bleow me
rm -f /var/lib/lsphp/session/lsphp71/* && rm -f /var/lib/lsphp/session/lsphp72/* && rm -f /var/lib/lsphp/session/lsphp73/* 
# then copy line below me
rm -f /var/lib/lsphp/session/lsphp74/* && rm -f /var/lib/lsphp/session/lsphp80/* && rm -f /var/lib/lsphp/session/lsphp81/*


Those folders will be automatically regenerated again?
Anything will affect the existing websites?

Nothing will affect the websites

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