LS Bug : max connection tuning

I found something strange happened after latest Openlitespeed update released to ubuntu yesterday

server default max connection configuration was 10000 http and 10000 https
today I noticed at home page that both limits are 30000 ! I go to server configuration >> tuning and found that confirmation still 10000 and 10000 but home page still 30000 so, I try restart LS … issue still exist so I did reboot and also issue still exist then I changed numbers in tuning to 5000 each one then at home page I found max http and https connections showing 15000!

is it a bug? or I did something wrong? or that’s normal and there is a hidden equation ?

I asked same in openlitespeed support but still waiting for reply as try upgrading it by command /usr/local/lsws/admin/misc/ -e 1.7.14 -b not helpful as no values inside it to set

I am confused, are you solely talking about OpenLiteSpeed web admin?

yes I try fix that without any real solution, even openlitespeed support said test upgrading it by command /usr/local/lsws/admin/misc/ -e 1.7.14 -b but that’s not solve too

I attach the Funny Issue screenshots please look when I set 5000 each one and how it *3 :grin:

Now please check when I set max connections to 10000 it’s multiplied by 3 too :laughing: :laughing:

@usmannasir I think it’s 99% related to the updated packages released 2 days ago by Openlitespeed as I didn’t anything last 5 days before the update in that server

it’s Ubuntu 20…

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@usmannasir is that’s because I changed swap file ? /cyberpanel.swap

CyberPanel is picking the data from configuration file. It could be a minor display bug in OpenLiteSpeed webadmin.

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yes I found the bug in OLSW already and fixed this issue, thank you very much @usmannasir