Logs in Litespeed folder / dev/sda2 is 100 percent full


At moment, right now, my server was crashed and show me the error 500 and in my logs I saw there was problem to renew the SSL , and UsmanNasir told to someone to upgrade cyberpanel

I did and failed because I found there were no free space

with df -h I found the dev/sda2 is 100 percent full and with sudo du -h --max-depth=1 -x I found this folder is responsible for that


with command rm -r ./logs I removed that folder and tried to upgrade the cyberpanel
and upgrade was did,
Now there is no problem ,
But I want to know why Litespeed logs folder tacks 500gb of my hard disk ?

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Agin this happen after 8 hours…
The compleat path :

cd ./usr
cd ./local
cd ./lsws
cd ./logs
rm -r ./logs

LiteSpeed never deletes old logs that’s why if your logs are generating too much they will take too much space. check logs and try to resolve them.
There is no auto-deletion of logs from LiteSpeed yet

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With nano command the log file show nothing
How to cheek them?

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what path of the log that we should delete ?

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Hi and thanks for reply
this path /usr/local/lsws/logs

I was delete the logs , but I sudenly removed my site under this folder /home/mysite.com/

And I want to recover if it possible.
Here is my topic in ubuntu ask
partitioning - Recovering folder deleted sudenly / recovering ssd raid 0+1 hp - Ask Ubuntu

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Yes you right
this is the answers of litespeed about that problem

so. if i have same problem
i just need clean this path ?

#i wish cyberpanel have “cleaning log” tools

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Yes , you need to remove the logs to let CyberPanel work…

all is here

thank you

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Your welcome


@shoaibkk : is there no option to put limit total archive log ? (log rotate option?)

Yes it have
look this :

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