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Hi everyone, I have a physical server at home with xeone2 specs, 8gb ram, 1tb hdd. I installed Ubuntu server, then installed cyberpanel, created a website, uploaded website files via ceberpanel and it worked, then previewed the website and it runs normally.
So now I want to open the website from the LAPTOP by using the same local network as the server. How can I open the website I made earlier from the laptop??
I open the Ubuntu Server IP address, can’t open the website
I open the cyberpanel IP address and the website can’t open either
Please help all friends…
Thank You

my first thought would be a firewall on the server youre running cyberpanel on.
if youre just going to go to the panel you should have port 80 and port 443 allowed.
besides that you could edit your hosts file so you dont have to preview the site (i think this works no idea tho)

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