Loading page issues and SMTP after hit the disk limit of an account

Very strange, I have realized that a pair of day ago a website hit the disk limit (5 GB) . After that, the websites using litespeed cache plugin (joomla), are loading very very slow, but finally load and create a cached page because the next load is fast, But if you clear cache (plugin), the pages load very slow again (50 seconds).

In addion, SMPT connections not works, and php mail neither (test email)

I have upgraded to 1.9.1, but same results.

The strange is that the other sites without cache plugin, load prety fine.

Anyone has hit the limit or face a similar issue?


On first load it take 2 minutes

Waiting (TTFB) = 2.1 min

Second load works fine (63.62.ms)

Any ideas?

I have launched a new fresh instance and move the sites, and after some hours, the issue is present again.

Each page takes a pair of minutes to create the cache version. When you purge cache and reload, this is writen in / usr/local/lsws/logs/error.log :

2019-11-12 02:23:16.124313 [INFO] [cultura.990]: locked pid file [/tmp/lshttpd/cultura.sock.pid].
2019-11-12 02:23:16.124360 [INFO] [cultura.990] remove unix socket for detached process: /tmp/lshttpd/cultura.sock
2019-11-12 02:23:16.127114 [INFO] [cultura.990] add child process pid: 77429
2019-11-12 02:23:16.127240 [INFO] [cultura.990]: unlocked pid file [/tmp/lshttpd/cultura.sock.pid].
2019-11-12 02:23:38.629666 [ERROR] HttpFetch[7]::failed to create file /usr/local/lsws//tmp/ocspcache//Rb935a6cf87489688c0d22ada787a20b4.tmp: Permission denied.
2019-11-12 02:23:38.629957 [ERROR] HttpFetch[8]::failed to create file /usr/local/lsws//tmp/ocspcache//Rd674073cafdd2ab5d0cc4e1b9c0cd0d8.tmp: Permission denied.

In addition, SMTP return timeout (110).

Something related with permisions?



It was related with a Joomla plugin (Yireo Piwik), disabling it works fine.

Only left to debug why smtp is getting connection timeout