[little urgent] :) about email migration


well i facing problem with 1 account cyberpanel to old cyberpanel migration
mean while
some of those account doesnt have publichtml so it will easy :smiley: only email
but not :frowning:

how to move the email
user1@domain1.tld from cyberpanel A
user1@domain1.tld at cyberpanel B
without changing the username and password

I am sorry but I did not understand your problem correctly.

i have problem about migration
remote backup not working
manual backup and restore failed

then i try to super manual backup
at new server i create new username/new website
then i upload publick html + dumb the sql…
everything if fine…

email account

i cant move the email account manually without create the mailbox first. in that case. the user password will change. because i dont know their password now. i just can only copy vmail to the vmail

well ?

have you read some of my thread about failed migration ?