LiteSpeed servers do not read .htaccess file

Hi guys,
My LiteSpeed servers do not read .htaccess file.
I’ve been reading online, and found that rules will need to be added explicitly via the control panel, but I haven’t found a step by step tutorial. Please can someone guide me on how to achieve this or send me to a video lesson that can walk me through it?
Looking forward to your answers and thanks in advance.

how you know the OLS is not read .htaccess ?

I recently moved an application from my apache powered shared hosting server to my cyberpanel server. It couldn’t load index page. I contacted app developer, and he said:

Some LiteSpeed servers do not read .htaccess file. Rules will need to be added explicitly via the control panel. You might need to copy the .htaccess file content and paste it to your litespeed configuration via the control panel.

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have you try to rewrite the htaccess from cyberpanel ?

I don’t know how to do that. can you guide me?

then choose the website click manage

scrool down until u see this

then save

wait until the spinning ball animation stop

now test your htaccess

I just followed the instruction above to re-write rules. but I am still facing the same problem. The page won’t load and I get an error 500. But error 500 page loads with https.

try rename .htaccess to htacess.bak

can you give me your domain name?

I just pm-ed you my domain.

ok i will try help you from PM…
i hope it can be solved soon

your site is not 500 404 or any error everything is fine now :slight_smile:

try to re upload the script

and… if i can say… dont touch the OLS panel :smiley:
Cyberpanel should enough for everything

is this solved ?

Everything is fine now… Thank you!

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how ? so we can learn fron this case

I deleted that website and started afresh. I re-added it, re-uploaded files, I re-installed ssl. Then i went to rewrite rules and forced all connections through https.

That did the magic.

you dont follow my step… do you ?

share steps here too so we can add as solution if anyone face the issue in future so he can find here

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