Litespeed primary ip replacement

Hi all of the world !

I will soon migrate my Ubuntu server to a new server.
I’m actually on a dedicated server on OVH, and what i didn’t know is that i had to buy an additional ip to be able to migrate it. Because the IP provided when purchasing the server is an IP that cannot be migrated.

I therefore bought an additional ip and added it to my netplan.
My initial IP and my additional ip are working nice.

But litespeed is still using my initial IP as primary IP. How can I do to replace my IP on litespeed ?

Thanks a lot !

The solution is :

1 - Replace cyberpanel displayed in cyberpanel dashboard and used for news DNS records
nano etc/cyberpanel/machineIP
Remplace IP

2 - Replace the IP used for mail sendings mails
nano /etc/postfix/
If inet_interfaces = all is written, add the line smtp_bind_address = x.x.x.x
If inet_interfaces = x.x.x.x is written, just remplace the IP

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