LiteSpeed cache VS wpRocket


I’m thinking to switch from lite speed cache to WP rocket,

because it has many issues:

1- guest mode affect my AdSense revenue by 50% (CTR declined)

2- it doesn’t create webp version > while using Wprocket + Imagify >> everything is perfect

3- when I close guest mode, the performance become terrible, and the server response become 3s (using Cyber panel on contabo vps)

after all that, should I move to wp rocket or there are solutions for these issues please?

only mess adsense and make system load more high

when you use optimizer (any optimizer) there is no “one-perfect” config.
different web, different visitor, different server location, and soon

need different tactics and recipe

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Can you please show me javascript caching settings for your site?
Adsense only effected by that

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I just activated JS minify

Yes, but when I used WpRocket with Cpanel I didn’t face all these issues

Sounds like you have some issues with your setting in lscache.

We are using it on a LOT of sites and have never had an issue with WebP images not being created if you have requested a domain key and have everything set right.

Personally on a LiteSpeed server I would always go for lscache but there must be some reasons why it is not working for you, I would want to troubleshoot it than jump to another solution, but if WPRocket is giving you the speeds you are looking for then maybe it’s a good solution.

I entere the domain key in a right way, but webp image only work when I use imagify, but the latest update cause a problem with LScache
Would you like to help me through anydesk?

Sending you a private message

with your experience… you still recommended lscache ?


On OLS / LSWS servers then I would always choose LScache.
On Apache servers, normally Swift.
On Nginx, either Swift or Breeze.

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and if use wordpress. what optimizer you usualy to use with lscache ?

I wouldn’t use any optimiser, just make sure that the theme and any plugins are well coded and use the optimise settings in the lscache plugin - be careful with the css and js optimisation settings, change - check, change - check, because you can end up making things worse rather than better.

When it comes to image optimisation, the one built in to lscache is as good as most of the others that are free, and shortpixel is, in my opinion, the very best of the paid options.

noted… same as what i am thinking