List Websites Screen

A few suggestions for the List Websites screen:

  1. Sort websites alphabetically by default.
  2. Make the column headers clickable to sort by a specific column.
  3. Add a filter box to allow for filtering by website name, owner, email, etc…
  4. Add a selector to specify the number of websites to display, including “All Sites”.

I support your request

This is kind of done, but buggy, there is a drop down that is blank, you can then select 50, 100 to show how many on the page, but if you manage a site then go back, it reverts to the original view again, same with the page number drop down at the bottom, not intuitive, it should show the page you are on not just be blank.

It does not stop the console from working, just creates extra steps and makes it less user friendly and not as intuitive to use.