Linode DNS vs Cyberpanel DNS

I only have a few sites that I currently have at Linode and simply use the nameservers 1 thru 5 provided. I thought I would try out CyberPanel to manage what i have on a single linode rather than several different instances (a couple of Django, a WordPress and a Joomla, all on seperate linodes on using Apache)

My question is: Is it absolutely necessary to use the cyberpanel DNS, or can I continue to use the Linode name servers as I have in the past? If the latter, is there anything specific that needs to be configured to continue just using the Linode servers?

Thanks, Iā€™m looking forward to trying out CyberPanel.

You can use Linode DNS or even Cloudflare dns as well, CyberPanel does not require you to host dns with CyberPanel, its an option but not a requirement.

You are immensely helpful. I decided to try the CyberPanel. Quite simple, frankly. Thank you very much for the quick response. :+1: