Linode + Cyberpanel IPV6

A week ago i installed cyberpanel on a linode server, Everything worked as normal, but when trying to access the website on mobile data, it wouldn’t load. i believe linode has ipv6 enabled by default and there is no way to turn it off. i didn’t find a way, even when contacting linode. now does cyberpanel support ipv6.? i know data carriers such as at&t, Verizon etc… give ipv6 priority to establish a connection. i try everything from port listening etc… i even followed this tutorial

Does cyberpanel support connections over ipv6?

Cyberpanel works like a champ on servers from Vultr, Digital ocean… They allow you to to enable or disable ipv6. i always set ipv4 by default.


You can configure IPv6 listener for the sites that you create, but port 8090 is hardcoded and you can not reconfigure.

Which means that CyberPanel interface is bound to IPv4 on port 8090.


Can’t CyberPanel Listen on port 8090 on all interfaces Ipv4 and ipv6 ?