Limit user disk space

I am new to CyberPanel, so excuse if my questions are dumb.

Is there a way to limit the disk space that is available to user? I want user to be able to create websites. For that i need to allow them to create packages. So it ends that he can create a package with unlimited disk space.

In other words - packages are assigned to websites not users?


This seems to be a bit of an issue in CyberPanel and is something that I think needs to be looked at.

The ideal thing would be for an admin to be able to create packages and then select which users could create sites using that package. But it doesn’t work like that right now, each user can only create sites using a package that user has created.

One workaround (which is far from ideal) is to create an ACL that has permission to create packages and temporarily assign it to the user. Then create a package as that user. Finally either edit the ACL to not give the permission to create packages or move the user to another ACL. They will still be able to use the package that ‘they’ have created to create new sites but they will not be able to edit it or create a new package.

As I said, far from ideal, but it works.


S4_hosting, I agree that is a (imho painful and far from right) fix, a bad one.

This should be a no brainer.

Higher ACL levels should be able to asign packages for lower levels.

I have a solution for this

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I have a solution for this

That’s great, are you planning to share what your solution is?