Let's Encrypt Certificates No Longer Renewing With Proxy Rewrite Redirected Domains and Subdomains

I imagine that due to the changes introduced in 1.8.2, proxies are handled significantly different than before and this is the root cause. The issue is any of my proxy redirected domains and subdomain no longer renew or autorenew. I have to manually remove the proxy redirect before Let’s Encrypt can successfully renew or autorenew the domain or subdomain’s SSL certificate which I did not have to do before.

Update: It appears to be only my proxied domains that were created before 1.8.2 that have been impacted. Also, after renewing the certs and readding the proxy redirects, I can renew and re-renew them now without any more issues. They are all now working just like the newer domain that wasn’t impacted. Strange… So everything now appears to be working. In other words, something did translate over quite right in the SSL cert configuration within the last few CyberPanel release upgrades.