Lets Encrypt Certificate Auto Generating Issue


I have noticed that sometimes even if autogenerated SSL is correct browser throws an error that the Certificate is invalid. After clicking again on Issue SSL everything works normally.

This happen only after the Renewal of Lets Encrypt SSL after 90days got over on server install. Can you help me to fix it. As most of my servers got this issue.

I’m having the same issue. The certificate is only renewed when I click issue SSL.
The auto renew seems to be an issue although it’s set in the crontab.
I’ll have to check to see where the error is, in the sense that it may be generating the correct certificate but it’s not being applied in some way but as for now I can’t check.

I applied this but it’s NOT yet tested.
Your Let’sEncrypt configurations are stored in /root/.acme.sh/
So you can set the following for your domains, You can even write a script to do the update on a cron instead of doing it manually.

My Example is based on Centos 7
Edit /root/.acme.sh/domain/domain.conf
Le_ReloadCmd=‘systemctl reload lsws;systemctl reload postfix;systemctl reload dovecot’

This makes sure that your certificates are updated for your mails also