Let's Encrypt Auto Renewal

Anyone know how or source code, video, post or website. Which will teach me how to setup Let’s Encrypt SSL auto renewal using CyberPanel or via Ubuntu 20.04 SSH with CeberPanel installed?

Thank you

You can follow this link and you have nothing to do with the auto-renewal that is done automatically.


Autorenewal is already there by default in Cyberpanel for all the SSL issued.

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Thank you that’s good to know.

I have another issue and I know it’s because I make to many lets encrypt SSL certs for the domain learning and reinstalling my vps :stuck_out_tongue:
The ssl does not work for one of my domains and list 3649 day to renawal.

Is there or a way to revoke the ssl and create a working one? Or a certain time period I have to wait to remake the ssl for the domain so it works again?

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