Latest commit does not match, please upgrade CyberPanel, But nothing change in github

i installed cyberpanel and after several days it get notified in the version management tab that it have different version with latest commit. however i checked the code in github. it not change any code within 3 weeks. so i confused what is this?
is this notification tell me that the code has changed by someone (hacked?) cause the github not change at all?
i already install security CSF, change cyberpanel port, add 2FA for admin login, change port ssh, disable root login for ssh, and the problem still there. any help about it why the version management still tell me that the code is different?

or any suggest to hardening security for cyberpanel?

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Post a screenshot of https://SERVER_URL:8090/base/versionManagment

i already upgrade the cyberpanel. the error already disappeared.
however i upgrade this cyberpanel 4 times already since i installed it. the first time and the second time i still use root user. the third one i block root ssh user and changed the ssh port. after that i change the cyberpanel port and install CSF. today the 4th keep changing.

the notification already disappeared, however my concern is this panel might be hacked. is this the reason that version changing?

No. Version changes depending on github commits. When any of contributors pushes new changes to github repo your cyberpanel version will state that you need to upgrade.

You have already done the necessary things to protect your server. You can go an extra mile of installing imunifyAV or 360 if you need more protection all from the comfort of your cyberpanel dashboard.

which one you will suggest imunifyAV or 360. looks like that is antivirus. is this necessary to install?
so if my panel is hacked. i will not know anything happened in the server until it makes some weird symptoms? am i right?

This is optional. I only pointed Imunify because you were concerned about server security.

CyberPanel is safe there are many contributors who are stress testing and looking over its code. The code is opensource you can go and scan it for any vulnerabilities.

  1. If you are running a mission ciritical server I would recommend you look into to run periodic patches your server os kernel.
  2. If you just prefer more security for server apps and technologies implement 2FA on cyberpanel

Malware scanners are free on the web that you can install and check all files that are uploaded by your users. checkout Linux Malware Detect (LMD), Rootkit Hunter, also known simply as Rkhunter, searches for rootkits, backdoors and other exploits by comparing SHA-1 hashes against online databases etc. The list is endless

so for now…
install immunifyAV free version without license is enough right?

but for advanced it must looks into your suggestion with some kernel check and etc.

thanks a lot for suggestion. now my mind can rest a little bit

btw. one more times. i checked in github cyberpanel there is no commit changes. last changes at 3 weeks ago. and i already upgrade 2-3 times. last time upgrades is today. is there any github to check besides this “GitHub - usmannasir/cyberpanel: Cyber Panel - The hosting control panel for OpenLiteSpeed”?

You are still seeing that your version is not the latest ? Are you still seeing an alert that you need to uprade?